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Hi there,

It's Preetam here, the creator of Maru.

I've been building Maru and leading it's open-source project since early 2016 in response to the unexpectedly warm welcome from the enthusiastic users who make up Maru's community. Although I've been supporting the project with my own financial resources and offering Maru for free since 2016, ongoing effort to maintain and actively develop the project requires your support.

I love working on Maru and I want to continue making it the best computing experience available for you. I sincerely ask you to make that happen by either paying for the value you get from Maru or becoming a backer.

Thank you for supporting Maru's future!

Preetam D'Souza
Creator & Lead Developer

Pay for Maru's value to you

If you use Maru, please consider choosing to pay for it based on the value Maru provides to you.


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You can also support Maru's ongoing development by becoming a backer with a recurring contribution.

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