# Accessories

An HDMI or wireless adapter, keyboard, and mouse are required to make the most of your Maru experience.

We officially support the following accessories.*

# HDMI Adapters

HDMI adapters are used to connect a SlimPort-compatible (opens new window) device to an external HDMI display for showing Maru Desktop.

# Wireless Adapters

Coming soon! So far, we have tested in-house on a Chromecast 1st generation. We will be receiving newer generation Chromecasts and other Miracast adapters for testing and will update this page as soon as we can.

# Mice

An external mouse or trackpad is needed to interact with Maru Desktop.

# Keyboards

An external keyboard is needed to interact with Maru Desktop.

You can also find an unofficial list of accessories that have been tested by our users here (opens new window).

*These are Amazon affiliate links. If you would like to support Maru, please use them when purchasing accessories.