Use your phone as your PC.

Unleash your mobile device with Maru, a context-aware, lightweight, open operating system that unites mobile and desktop computing.

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"Simply plug your phone into an HDMI screen, connect up a keyboard and mouse, and you’ve got a lightweight desktop experience you can take anywhere."

"Today's Android devices have plenty of RAM and viable processors: How great would it be to present the software directly on smartphones on an actual Debian system? Maru OS makes this a possibility."

Meet Maru.

Maru is a new kind of computing experience. It gives you a single, context-aware device that makes personal computing really simple. And guess what? That device is your smartphone.

Maru Mobile

When you're on the go, Maru is your phone.

Maru is built on the latest Android Oreo. It ships with zero bloatware, so your phone runs snappy and has lots of free space for all your apps.

When you're at your desk, Maru is your desktop.

Maru Desktop brings you true multitasking and desktop productivity. Peek under the hood and you'll find rock-stable Debian Linux, so you can customize it to your heart's content.

Maru Desktop

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Connect your phone to any HDMI screen.

Maru automatically detects when an external display is available and spins up your desktop. It boots in less than 5 seconds.


Pair up a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Any Android-compatible bluetooth peripherals will work with Maru.


Enjoy desktop productivity.

Gotta run? Disconnect from your screen and Maru will preserve your desktop state in the background so you can pick up right where you left off.

One device. A whole lot of productivity.

Maru takes advantage of your external display to bring you multi-app, desktop-class productivity. Create a spreadsheet, perfect your slide deck, or spiffy up your resume. You'll never believe you could get so much done with your "phone".

maru productivity

The only PC you need is the one in your pocket.

Maru takes personal computing one step closer to closed-loop. Your hardware's capabilities are shared across your mobile device and desktop so you don't have to context-switch around so much. Say goodbye to coordinating your work amongst dozens of different devices.


Shared storage

SD card data like camera photos and downloads are shared so you can coordinate your work seamlessly.
network_wifi network_cell

Connectivity anywhere

Your network, whether WiFi or cellular, is shared between mobile and desktop. Never deal with spotty tethering hotspots again.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Maru opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Nothing's stopping you from installing the tools you need to make Maru your own. Set up a portable development environment, fill out that annoying form that doesn't render properly on your mobile browser, or even run a webserver—it's really up to you.

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