Mar 24, 2017 — Preetam D'Souza

I am pleased to present Maru OS 0.4!

The biggest ask I get is more device support1, and today I am happy to announce that Maru OS supports the Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi (flo). Since this is the first release for flo, it is marked as a beta-quality build and will upgrade to a stable build once more feedback from the community pours in.

Additionally, Maru OS now supports full-disk encryption of both your mobile and desktop data. If you would like to encrypt your device, head over to Settings > Security, set a screen lock, and tap Encrypt phone.

There are many other improvements, fixes, and security updates included in this release, so make sure to check out the changelog for the details.

# Getting up and running with 0.4

Grab the latest release for your device from here. If you are new to Maru OS, get started with the Installation Guide. If you are running an older verison of Maru OS and would like to upgrade to 0.4, follow the Upgrading Guide.

# Shoutouts

I am proud to report that this is the first release which features volunteer code contributions from members of the Maru community! I would like to especially thank Tyler Martin for his perseverance in bringing up flo on Maru OS (our first working community port, I might add) and his dedication and timeliness in working with me to integrate flo into our official builds. I'd also like to thank Noel Macwan for his speedy PRs with the latest AOSP security patches. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone in the Maru community that helped make this release happen by sharing your feedback and enthusiasm for the project.

Maru OS has a relatively large codebase, and it is exciting to see others take the time and effort to dig in and help move this project onwards and upwards. If you are interested in contributing, please stop by our github, and get in touch with us on our developer forum or gitter!

  1. We have several community ports in progress that need testing, including alpha/beta builds for devices like the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. You can keep track of progress on our device port thread (thanks to our community member @chevdroid for managing this!).

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