Jun 03, 2017 — Preetam D'Souza

Maru OS 0.4.1 is now available!

This release contains important security updates for Maru Desktop and minor fixes for the easy installers. The most important of these are:

  • SSH services are disabled by default1
  • The root account is locked by default2

Although SSH services have now been disabled by default in Maru Desktop, it is still highly recommended that you change the default password on the default "maru" account as soon as possible--ideally, the first time you log in. This can easily be done by opening up a Terminal, typing passwd maru, and following the prompts.

Check out the release notes for all the details.

# Getting up and running with 0.4.1

Grab the latest release for your device from here. If you are new to Maru OS, get started with the Installation Guide. If you are running an older verison of Maru OS and would like to upgrade to 0.4.1, follow the Upgrading Guide.

Please note that when upgrading Maru without a factory reset (see Upgrading Guide: Option 2), you will need to manually upgrade your desktop system to receive the desktop security updates included in this release.

As usual, thank you to everyone in the Maru community who helped make this release happen. If you are interested in contributing to our next release, please stop by our github, and get in touch with us on our user forum, developer forum, or gitter!

  1. More details in #76.
  2. The default maru account has sudo access, so a root account is mostly redundant. See this Ubuntu wiki article on why this is a good idea, including directions on how to unlock the root account if you still need it.

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