Maru in April: "My phone is my PC!"

Apr 30, 2016 — Preetam D'Souza

Hey guys,

A few quick updates on Maru over the past month. I usually send update emails to my newsletter, but I'll start posting them here too so anyone can follow along.

First, Maru is now easier to install than ever.

I have been working with my beta testers in April to make Maru as easy to install as possible. Beta invites now officially offer two options for installing Maru on your device:

  1. Easy installers for Linux / Mac / Windows (really simple but less flexible): The easy installers are a great choice if you aren't familiar with custom ROMs and just want Maru on your device without having to go through the hassle of installing a custom recovery. The installers also come with a quick uninstall script so you can get back to a stock system in no time.
  2. A standard update zip (less simple but a lot more flexible): The update zip lets you flash Maru with a custom recovery just like any other Android ROM. That means you can keep custom recovery back-ups and use Maru as a secondary in MultiROM!
Second, beta invites have been sent to everyone who signed up before ("<") March 18 UTC with a Nexus 5.

As a reminder, Maru is currently in private beta for the Nexus 5. Invites are being sent in batches on a first-come, first-served basis. All you have to do is sign up on the website with your device, and you'll be placed on the beta waitlist.

So far, invites have gone out to everyone who signed up before March 18 UTC with a Nexus 5. If you signed up before March 18 with a Nexus 5 and have still not received an invite (please first check that your sign-up date is indeed before March 18, and that the invite wasn't accidentally filtered to spam), get in touch over email and I'll make sure you get one. If you overlooked an earlier invite and your links have expired, no problem, just reply to it and I'll get you a fresh set.

Invites will be going out for a few more weeks, so there are still plenty of opportunities to grab the beta early!

So, what are people saying about Maru?

...and much more.

Want to share your thoughts on Maru? Use the hashtag #MaruOS!

Tweet your thoughts or a picture of your setup with the hashtag #MaruOS and your tweet may be featured in the next update! (I would prefer just #Maru, but we are up against a very popular cat by the same name...)

As always, thank you for your support.


P.S. I am stunned by the number of people who have bought a Nexus 5 just to try out the beta--you guys rock.

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