# Pixel XL (marlin)

Google official devices with the brilliant Android experience.

# Install

# Prerequisites

  1. adb installed on your computer (see LineageOS's guide (opens new window))
  2. TWRP custom recovery installed on your device. For marlin, we recommend the version 3.2.3-1 (opens new window) with our testing. The latest version of TWRP for marlin may cause device or resource busy problem.

# Install Maru via TWRP

# Download

  1. Download (opens new window) the latest update zip for your device (it will look like maru-v0.x.y-update-marlin-<sha256>.zip)

    • (Optional) If you would like to restore access to the Play store, you can download a third-party Google Apps zip and install it alongside Maru during this installation process.
  2. Push the update zip to your device by opening up a terminal (Linux or Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows) and running the following:

$ adb push -p maru-v0.x.y-update-marlin-xxxxxxxx.zip /sdcard/


You can also just download the update zip directly from your device's browser so you don't need to push it from your PC to your device.

# Backup

  1. Reboot to TWRP custom recovery:
$ adb reboot recovery

You will now be in TWRP recovery.

  1. Take a complete back-up before proceeding so it's easy to revert back if needed. Just tap Backup > Swipe to Backup.

# Install

When you are ready to install Maru, do the following:

  1. Tap "Install"

  2. Tap the Maru update zip you pushed earlier (you may need to scroll down)

  3. Make sure Zip signature verification is unselected to avoid checking signature

  4. Swipe right to confirm flash of Maru

  5. Hit back till you are at the main screen, then Wipe

  6. Swipe right to Factory Reset (this will still keep your back-ups on your sdcard)

  7. Tap Reboot System


You may be asked to install SuperSU to root your device. If you know what rooting your device means and want to have it rooted then go ahead. Otherwise, it's best to tap "Do Not Install".

Regardless of your installation method, the first boot will take a few minutes so please be patient.

# Accessories


The Pixel XL does not support HDMI so there is no need to purchase HDMI adapters. Please use a wireless adapter instead.

# Wireless Adapters

  • Chromecast Requires Google Apps
    • First generation has been tested and confirmed to work at 720p

# Keyboards / Mice

# Help