# Release Notes

# v0.6.8


# New

  • Google Pixel (sailfish) has been added to the build roster (thanks @utzcoz). This is an early pre-release build so please help us test to confirm it is stable.

# Fixes

# v0.6.7


# New

  • Nexus 6P (angler) has been added to the build roster (thanks @bootlessxfly for the original port). We are looking for a new maintainer for angler - please get in touch on our dev forum (opens new window) if you would like to help out!

# Fixes

# Improvements

  • The default resolution on Maru Desktop is now set to 720p for wireless displays. Previously you would need to manually set the desktop resolution from 1080p to 720p for Chromecast to see the whole desktop since that appears to be the max mirroring resolution supported on Chromecast (thanks @utzcoz).

# Known Issues

  • hammerhead Firefox crashes immediately on start-up due to the outstanding Debian armhf bug #909498 (opens new window). Please run sudo apt install firefox-esr/jessie to downgrade to a working version.

# v0.6.6


This is the first official release of Maru 0.6 Okinawa! Read the release blog post (opens new window) for all the details.

# New

  • The underlying Android platform has been upgraded from Marshmallow (6.0.1) to Oreo (8.1.0).
  • Maru has made the transition from AOSP to LineageOS to support more devices.
  • Maru Desktop has been upgraded from Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch, bringing you more up-to-date desktop software.
  • Support for wireless desktop streaming via Chromecast is included in this release to open up the Maru experience to devices without HDMI support.
  • USB keyboards and mice are now supported in Maru Desktop via USB-OTG; this is a great option when using wireless streaming for Maru Desktop.
  • Support for dynamic input switching between Android and Maru Desktop is included in this release. Your external keyboards and mice will dynamically switch between providing input for Maru Desktop or Maru Mobile depending on whether an external display is available to interact with your desktop, making it simpler to use your peripherals with Android too when you need it.
  • Nexus 5X (bullhead) is now an officially supported device.

# Fixes

# v0.4.1


# Fixes

# Security

# Upgrade Notices

When upgrading Maru without a factory reset (see Upgrading Guide: Option 2 (opens new window)), you will need to manually upgrade (opens new window) your desktop system to receive the desktop security updates listed above.

# v0.4


# New

# Fixes

# Changes

# Shoutouts

# Update 2017-04-01

  • Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi (flo) builds updated to use minimal Maru Desktop image to free up space on system partition (#66 (opens new window))

# v0.3


# Features

  • Upgrade from Lollipop (5.1.1_r14) to Marshmallow (6.0.1_r17)
  • Enable starting Maru Desktop in the background (no HDMI display needed)
  • Add option to improve resolution matching support for non-1080p displays under Settings > Desktop > Tweaks

# Fixes

  • Fix desktop screen occasionally showing up on phone display
  • Fix DPI issues that sometimes render fonts weirdly

# Changes

  • Enable SSH services in Maru Desktop by default
  • Use Firefox ESR as the default browser in Maru Desktop
  • Set the root account password to 'root' in Maru Desktop

# Upgrade Notices

When upgrading Maru OS without a factory reset (see Upgrading: Option 2 (opens new window)), please be aware of the following.

# New sdcard access permissions

A new group must be added in Maru Desktop to access the sdcard mount. Assuming the user account is 'maru':

$ sudo addgroup --gid 1015 sdcard_rw
$ sudo adduser maru sdcard_rw

After restarting the desktop, the sdcard mount will be accessible again.

# v0.2.4


Open-source version of v0.2.3.

Note there is no official release since it is basically the same as v0.2.3.

# v0.2.3


This is the first public release of Maru OS!

# v0.2.3-beta


  • Mount entire sdcard in desktop
  • Update desktop image with latest packages
  • Fix dropped Bluetooth device key events

# v0.2.2-beta


  • Fix system time defaulting to 1970s on reboot (after network time sync-up)
  • Add "Maru version" to Settings > About Phone
  • Strip harmless audit logs

# v0.2.1-beta


  • Add HELP.txt instructions to restore gapps from 3rd party
  • Strip verbose logging

# v0.2-beta


  • Properly format storage for 32GB Nexus 5
  • Recover properly from factory resets
  • Optimize image size

# v0.1a-beta


  • Fix app compatibility

# v0.1-beta


  • Initial release