# Downloading the Code

Maru OS uses Repo, just like AOSP, to manage all the project code. Repo makes it easy to work on projects with several Git repositories.

# Set up Repo

Before you can install the Repo client, ensure you have a /bin folder in your PATH. The AOSP docs suggest creating this folder in your home directory:

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ PATH=~/bin:$PATH

Then download the repo client:

$ curl https://storage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > ~/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Great, you've got Repo!

# Sync the code

If you don't already have a workspace ready, create and enter a workspace directory where you'll store the project code:

$ mkdir $WORKSPACE

...and sync the code into your workspace:

$ repo init -u https://github.com/maruos/manifest -b maru-0.7
$ repo sync

Tip: repo sync can take a LONG time. Your first sync will download 50GB+ of sources!